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Centro de Latino Services has a certified signing agent that specializes in all types of transactions from Real Estate loan documents, all types of deeds, travel documents, credit documents, trust and bank documents.

    Acknowledgements $15.00 per signature

Jurats $15 per individual taking oath or affirmation and certificate

We administer sworn oaths, affirmations, notarization of affidavits, copy certifications of power of attorney, acknowledgements, jurats (subscribing witness) and proof of execution. 


Common Documents include the following;

Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive, Travel Document for Children(s) and Affidavits

Real Estate Documents;

Grant Deed (ex. property title transfer) Interspousal Transfer Deed, Deed of Trust & Reconveyances

Acceptable types of ID's (non-expired): 

California & Out of State Driver's License & ID, Military ID, US Passport Book or Card, Foreign Passport stamped by USCIS, Mexican and Canadian Driver License

se habla español

MOBILE Notary 

  available Monday - Friday        

  (by appointment)    

TRAVEL FEE APPLIES...Call for Quote??


Centro de Latinos ServIces is not a law firm. We do not engage in the practice of law and cannot advise you about your legal rights.

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