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IMMIGRATION Form Preparation Services

Centro de Latino Services has experienced immigration consultants that will provide comprehensive immigration assistance in form preparation and collect all required supporting documents.  We will do the work for you and we are committed to providing quality assistance at affordable rates.





- US Citizenship/Naturalization Application

US Citizenship Study Test Questions for Interview

Replace US Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate



-  Renew Green Card

-  Replace Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Green Card




- Fiancé(e) Visa of U.S. Citizens

- Green Card for Spouse - Wife or Husband

- Green Card for Child - Daughter or Son

- Green Card for Parent - Mother or Father

- Green Card for Sibling - Sister or Brother



-  Work Permit/Renewals DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

-  Letter of Invitation for Family or Friends during their stay in US




   How it works?  

  • Call us - Schedule a Consultation

  • Collect your supporting documents

  • Fill out your immigration forms

  • Send your package to USCIS




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Centro de Latinos ServIces is not a law firm. We do not engage in the practice of law and cannot advise you about your legal rights.

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